White House Mini Maker Faire June 18

White HouseThe White House has announced the first-ever White House Mini Maker Faire for June 18.  In addition to the Makers at the White House, it is hoped June 18 will also be a national “Day of Making.”

The rise of the Maker Movement represents a huge opportunity for the United States, with new tools democratizing production and boosting innovation and entrepreneurship. Making  inspires us all to be more creative and motivates people of all ages to excel in design and STEM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

To celebrate the Day of Making in Akron, we invite you to post what you think about the Maker movement: how can access to knowledge about Making and access to the tools of production spur the rebirth in manufacturing right here in Akron, Ohio?  What sorts of knowledge would you like to gain, or need to gain to be a better Maker?  What tools do you want access to?

Leave a reply below, and we will post them. While the form for comments asks for you name, you can just put in your first name, and your email will not appear with your comment even though it is required to submit a comment.


9 Responses to White House Mini Maker Faire June 18

  1. I would like to learn to upholster. It would be great to have access to a big serging-type machine to make cushions for my porch furniture.

  2. Akron needs a commercial kitchen incubator like the Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen. http://www.cleculinarylaunch.com/

  3. Home repair, maybe some basic wiring.

  4. I would like to better understand where the art world and the maker world intersect and how practitioners of both can support each other.

  5. I like to see old technologies repurposed as jewelry or crafts

  6. I’d love to learn some construction skills… carpentry or woodworking to work on my house!

  7. I’d like to learn how to repair leaded and stained glass – instead of paying for it!

  8. What about bicycling? Would repairing old bikes I find in the trash and fix up for people to ride — give them away? Anyone else in Akron doing this? How could we all get together?

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