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Trying out Andy Buczko's take on DDR

Trying out Andy Buczko’s take on DDR

Here are a few – send your photos to us at

Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club member Russ Orr

Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club member Russ Orr

Thomas Zimmerman's digital art set up

Thomas Zimmerman’s digital art set up

Astrophycist Kevin Manning - That's a BIG telescope, Kevin

Astrophycist Kevin Manning – That’s a BIG telescope, Kevin

Trepanning Trio

Trepanning Trio

Let the Hat Parade Begin!

Let the Hat Parade Begin!

Everybody wants to learn to solder - Thank you Synhak and the Akron-Summit County Public Library Staff Association

Everybody wants to learn to solder – Thank you Synhak and the Akron-Summit County Public Library Staff Association

Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites

Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites

Monica Lenox shows how to spin yarn.

Monica Lenox shows how to spin yarn.


Wowee, What a Day!

It was an amazing day at the Akron Mini Maker Faire.  Over 1500 people attended this second year’s event at the Main Library in downtown Akron. And a good time was had by all.

Tell us what was the most awesome part – leave a comment for us.

And check back for photos and video later in the week.

Today’s the day!

The Akron Mini Maker Faire officially begins in 3 hours!  Lots of fun and excitement will be happening today at the Main Library in downtown Akron. We look forward to seeing everyone 11 am-4 pm today.

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Akron Mini Maker Faire – something for everyone

At Akron Mini Maker Faire , you’ll find something to amaze your entire family, from the most relaxed to the more spirited.

Listen to staged readings from Rubber City Shakespeare Company’s 2014 Season.

Hey, Halloween’s around the corner – get inspired by Evil Twin Cosplay  and chat with them about costume Making. Discover what Steam Hat is all about.

Meet  “tech-preneurs” Ken Burns of TinyCircuits, Andy Buczko of Dungeon Studios Prototyping, Mike Koury of B3 innovations, and more.

Science, technology, engineering, math and fun - it’s all at Akron Mini Maker Faire. Everyone will leave with ideas to try and to apply at home, at work,  and at school.

Please join us for Akron Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, October 18, 11 am – 4 pm. Parking is FREE on Saturdays in the High/Market Street deck.

Questions? On Saturday, October 18, just ask a library staff member – we’re the folks in the white lab coats! Or call us at 330-643-9075.

Come see our global Makers: Woven in Exile

Don’t miss Woven in Exile, Makers who will be sharing skills first learned in their native Nepal and Bhutan, at Akron Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, October 18 from 11 am to 4 pm (Atrium Level).  Part of a growing resettlement in Akron, sponsored by the United Nations, these women reflect the tradition of Making to support themselves and their families. You’ll see belts, handbags and other items, both completed and in progress.

Now when most of us think of weaving, we think of large frame looms. But Woven in Exile Makers use backstrap looms comprised of two sticks or dowels between which warp threads are stretched.

If you are a weaver or engage in similar crafts, you’re sure to learn something new. Come chat with these Makers.  An interpreter will be available.

Image credit: Woven in Exile

Get To Know a Robot at Maker Faire

What would a Maker Faire be without robots?! As far back as the 1400s, Leonardo da Vinci presented the idea of humanoid robots for military use.  Today, robots are used in countless ways including manufacturing, surgical procedures, military activity, space exploration and even entertainment.

At the 2014 Akron Mini Maker Faire, we will have several groups presenting robotic activities.  Think Outside the ‘Bots Robotics Team, Thunderbots Robotics Team, and the University of Akron Robotics Team will all be present, amazing everyone with current as well as futuristic robotic technology. See what it takes to create and operate robots.  Some robots will be available for a “test drive.”

Feed more than your curiosity

Hungry for robotics, soldering, kites, fabric art, 3d printing, and more. You know you’ll find all it at the Akron Mini Maker Faire.

But what about that other hunger, the kind that makes your stomach grumble and sets the kiddos to fussing?  You’ll find ways to satisfy that at the Akron Mini Maker Faire as well.  Because we have two on-site options to grab a bite to eat:

Our in-Library coffee spot, the Coffee Pot Cafe will be open during the Akron Mini Maker Faire, serving up beverages hot and cold as well as a selection of snacks. You can find the Coffee Pot Cafe on the Main Street level of Main Library, next to the Library Shop on Main. You can also see Coffee Pot Cafe owner Scott Malensek’s Maker exhibit “Aquaponics as Art” when your there.

The Swenson’s Food Truck will be “making” an appearance from 11 am-2 pm for your lunching enjoyment. That’s a switch, instead of the server coming to your car, you get to walk up to the truck. Treat yourself to a local specialty such as a Galley Boy!

The Akron Mini Maker Faire is this Saturday, October 18, 11 am- 4 pm at Main Library in downtown Akron.  You can register on our EventBrite page.  See you there.

The Official Maker List, 2014

We’ve added, we’ve subtracted, we’ve changed our line-up more than once in order to bring you the absolute best and most exciting collection of Makers Akron has ever seen. And, because we’re a bunch of librarians, we’re presenting them to you in alphabetical order. (We were going to catalog them, and assign Dewey Decimal Numbers, but that seemed a little extreme.) Target - Egg Drop

Acme Fresh Market Egg Drop

Akron Digital Media Center

Akron Global Polymer Academy

Aquaponics as Art

Astronomy Club of Akron HackCanton project

C.H.A.M.P. – Canton Hacker and Maker Space

Cocoro Playhouse

Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club

Daniel Anand – A Transforming Wheel Chair that Sits and Stands

Dungeon Studios Prototyping – Silicon Molding

Evil Twin Cosplay

Good Stuff and Such

Joseph Anand – A Refrigerator That Texts  “Eat your veggies”

Kevin Manning

KiteWeather – EMG control for fun! CrankyPress2

Letterpress is Still Alive!

Main Library Business & Government Division and Youth Services Office Team Up for Office Hacks

Main Library Children’s Librarians – Hats Off to Books

Main Library Special Collection Division Preserving Our Family Treasures

Main Library Technology Center Recording Studio

Monica Lenox, Spinning Yarn

Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites – How to Make a Kite

Pico by B3 innovations

Portage Lakes Branch Library – CD Art

Revere Robotics

Rubber City Shakespeare Company SteamHat

Steam Hat Presents Finder’s Quest #1: A Seek-and-Find of Sorts Art Game Exhibit

Spring Garden Waldorf School


Think Outside the Bots – Robotics Team

Thomas Zimmerman – Experiments in Digital Art

Thunderbots  Robotics Team KenBurns


Tom Hammond – Arduino controlled Christmas lights

Trepanning Trio

University of Akron Robotics Team

Woven in Exile

Up, up, and away

Moon_in_Sunrise_Sky_2Two of this year’s Makers are all about what’s above our heads — The Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites and the Astronomy Club of Akron.  Also, our Auditorium schedule will feature astrophysicist Kevin Manning explaining how to build your own telescope.

The Astronomy Club of Akron shares the wonders of the universe through observation of celestial objects and events with telescopes of various types. They can be found near the Auditorium on Saturday, October 18.  They will be joined by Kevin Manning after his program ends at 1:30.  

O.S.E.K will display four different kinds of kites, a 2-stick diamond kite, a 3-stick Chinese kite, a Japanese Rokkaku kite and a Sled kite. They will show & tell how to make them, where to get materials, and hand out patterns folks can use to make them at home. You will find O.S.E.K on the Atrium level by the High Street entrance.

Expect the unexpected – Trepanning Trio

New to Akron Mini Maker Faire this year is the Trepanning Trio. 

Well, actually, it’s not a trio trio.  Typically, 6 – 12 musicians are on stage making beautiful music. Nobody’s counting.

An avant-chamber ensemble.

And we can’t tell you who you will see on our Auditorium stage at 2 pm on Saturday, October 18… because the lineup is rarely the same.

The instruments? Classical, traditional. Yep. But also handmade instruments (i.e., viola da gamba, kalimba, guzheng, pan lids screwed onto sticks and played with violin bows, etc).

If you were to ask how long this Trio has been together, that’s sort of fuzzy too, but “unofficially 1998.”

What we do know is that this Trio is creating excitement wherever it performs — and they’re coming to Akron Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, October 18!