Spring is in the air

and a Makers fancy turns to thoughts of …

Car Restoration!

Take a look at what some Akron-area Makers have been up to. Then send us your photos.20150330_174840



Battlebots are Coming

robot1Robot-builders, listen up!  Our local makerspace, Synhak, is hosting a weekly robot build and compete workshop on Thursdays 7:00-10:00 pm.

Click here for to see the MeetUp announcement for this week’s meeting.robot2

Follow-On Innovation

The latest issue of the online publication, The Inventor’s Eye, has an article on the importance of the patent system for what is called “follow-on innovation.”

lasersUsing the development of the laser as an example, this article describes how the patent system provided the original inventors ( Charles Townes and Arthur Schawlow, U.S. Patent 2,929,922)  with protection for their invention during the years the patent is in effect (currently 20 years) yet also allows for other inventors to improve upon that technology and even to freely incorporate the original technology into their inventions after the patent term is up.

This original invention, the Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, or maser, led to many other inventions including  “the first optical laser in 1958. In 1960, Theodore Maiman invented the ruby laser and Ali Javan the first gas laser. In 1962, Robert Hall invented the semiconductor injection laser, which is still used in many electronic appliances and communications systems. Gary Starkweather invented the laser printer in 1969. And in 1981, Samuel Blum, Rangaswamy Srinivasan, and James Wynne co-invented a process using a short pulse ultraviolet laser to etch tissue in minute increments and in a highly controlled fashion. Gholam Peyman improved upon their discovery in his invention of LASIK eye surgery, patented in 1989.”

Many laser technologies are no longer protected by the original patents, and we can all enjoy creating and playing with lasers.  We also all benefit from the original technology and from the follow on innovations made possible from the original invention.

The Akron-Summit County Public Library is proud to promote the innovations which build on previous inventions.  We support Makers throughout our community and we support intellectual property rights of inventors.

To learn more about intellectual property protection, contact the Science & Technology division (330-643-9075 or stdiv@akronlibrary.org) and ask about upcoming programs.



Kent State Mini Maker Faire

Can’t wait for September and the Akron Mini Maker Faire? Want to visit a Mini Maker Faire next month?  Check out the one being presented by Kent State University — the Kent Mini Maker Faire .

Held on Friday, April 10, noon to  4 pm in the University Library.  If you have a project that’s ready to go, why not apply to be a Maker?  You can be a Maker at the KSU Faire and still answer the Akron Mini Maker Faire Call for Makers when it goes live this summer. Or just go to have some fun.  See you there!




See the 2014 Maker Faire Yearbook

Take a look at all the Maker Faires all throughout the world, which took place in 2014.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HewvALEuxY#action=share 

It’s pretty fabulous to watch all the Faires go by.  The video runs in (mostly) chronological order. Tip —  Akron shows up at 10:59.

To view this as a pdf, click here, and scroll down for the link.  It took a long time to load.

Thank you to Makezine‘s Dale Dougherty for compiling this most excellent scrapbook. We can’t wait for the Akron Mini Maker Faire 2015.

Record cold = time to make something

The weather channel is predicting record low temperatures over the next 48 hours.  That means no snow shoeing for us! Instead, let’s stay inside and make something.

Need some ideas?  As librarians, we’re always happy to oblige.  Here are three new books to get you making something fun.

  1. motorcyclesBeginner’s Guide to Classic Motorcycle Restoration.  And by “Classic,” this UK-published book means from the 1970’s and 1980’s, mostly Hondas, Suzukis, and Yamahas.  The book describes what tools to have in your workshop (including the ever-popular British-ism, a “spanner”), how to choose your first motorcycle restoration project, and then gets down to business with chapters covering each component, from engines to fuel systems, to tyres (really, that’s how they mis-spell it over there!) to finishing touches suchs as badges and decals.
  2. electronics for artistsElectronics for Artists. Visual artists, get ready to expand your pallette with LEDs, servomotors, and motion sensors just for starters.  Author Simon Quellen Field shows and tells the artist how to add light, motion, and sound to artwork.  Want to make your art projects flash, glow, blink or speak?  Check it out.
  3. gardeningDesigning and Planting a Woodland Garden. Probably not a project to start any time soon, but a good book for daydreaming.  Keith Wiley includes garden plans, inspiration, and growth requirements for plants which will thrive in a shady location.

Photos, we got photos

Trying out Andy Buczko's take on DDR

Trying out Andy Buczko’s take on DDR

Here are a few – send your photos to us at makerfaire@akronlibrary.org

Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club member Russ Orr

Cuyahoga Falls Amateur Radio Club member Russ Orr

Thomas Zimmerman's digital art set up

Thomas Zimmerman’s digital art set up

Astrophycist Kevin Manning - That's a BIG telescope, Kevin

Astrophycist Kevin Manning – That’s a BIG telescope, Kevin

Trepanning Trio

Trepanning Trio

Let the Hat Parade Begin!

Let the Hat Parade Begin!

Everybody wants to learn to solder - Thank you Synhak and the Akron-Summit County Public Library Staff Association

Everybody wants to learn to solder – Thank you Synhak and the Akron-Summit County Public Library Staff Association

Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites

Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites

Monica Lenox shows how to spin yarn.

Monica Lenox shows how to spin yarn.

Wowee, What a Day!

It was an amazing day at the Akron Mini Maker Faire.  Over 1500 people attended this second year’s event at the Main Library in downtown Akron. And a good time was had by all.

Tell us what was the most awesome part – leave a comment for us.

And check back for photos and video later in the week.

Today’s the day!

The Akron Mini Maker Faire officially begins in 3 hours!  Lots of fun and excitement will be happening today at the Main Library in downtown Akron. We look forward to seeing everyone 11 am-4 pm today.

Follow us on Twitter #makerfaireakron.

Akron Mini Maker Faire – something for everyone

At Akron Mini Maker Faire , you’ll find something to amaze your entire family, from the most relaxed to the more spirited.

Listen to staged readings from Rubber City Shakespeare Company’s 2014 Season.

Hey, Halloween’s around the corner – get inspired by Evil Twin Cosplay  and chat with them about costume Making. Discover what Steam Hat is all about.

Meet  “tech-preneurs” Ken Burns of TinyCircuits, Andy Buczko of Dungeon Studios Prototyping, Mike Koury of B3 innovations, and more.

Science, technology, engineering, math and fun – it’s all at Akron Mini Maker Faire. Everyone will leave with ideas to try and to apply at home, at work,  and at school.

Please join us for Akron Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, October 18, 11 am – 4 pm. Parking is FREE on Saturdays in the High/Market Street deck.

Questions? On Saturday, October 18, just ask a library staff member – we’re the folks in the white lab coats! Or call us at 330-643-9075.